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Reasons to Use Biomass

Biomass energy is a renewable form of energy that is naturally formed in the environment and can be found in great abundance. One of the most used examples of biomass energy is wood, which has been used for centuries.

Wood was used to produce heat long before fossil fuels became readily available. Its popularity is returning for several reasons:

  • Recent huge increases in fossil fuel prices with worries of supplies running out or rationed.
  • Damage caused to the environment by use of fossil fuels.
  • Wood is “carbon neutral”. In that the CO2 is taken from the atmosphere by trees during their life, which is released back when burnt, or during the natural process of decay. In a sustainably managed forest, wood is never removed faster than it is added by new growth.
  • Wood pellets are easily transported either in bag or in bulk.
  • Modern pellet boilers can be as easy to use as an oil burner. They can be thermostatically controlled with automatic ignition and a feed system that conveys product from either an internal or external store.
  • Pellets have low moisture content resulting in high use of energy value.
  • There is minimal ash.
  • Wood in pellet form is an appropriate form of fuel for residential or commercial buildings of all types.
wood pellets scotland
wood pellets scotland