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How our Deliveries Work


We pride ourselves on our delivery service, using small vans for the majority of bagged pellets, unloading and putting the pellets in an accessible store for the customer so they don’t have to.

For large numbers of pallets we use the curtain side lorry. Call to discuss delivery options

wood pellets scotland


When the bulk pellets come into ourselves they are put through a bespoke cleaning system to remove any further dust or fines before being loaded onto one or our lorries.


Our lorries are specifically built for bulk biomass pellets and won't deliver anything else (e.g. animal feed). One lorry holds a maximum of 9 tonne. It is quite small and can get into most driveways or properties with restricted access. The second lorry is slightly bigger and can carry a maximum load of 15 tonnes. We will blow the pellets at a pressure of 0.4 – 0.5 bar. We like to get as close as possible to the storage facilities, but can blow up to 25m. On delivery we will dust extract if the storage facilities allow, attaching a second pipe connected to an electric powered dust extractor.

wood pellets scotland
wood pellets scotland