We deliver bagged pellets preferably within a 40 mile radius of our depot in Perth. We can deliver further please call to discuss. Bulk pellets we can deliver anywhere in Scotland (surcharges may be applied).

No. There is a big variance in ENplus A1. Although pellets are manufactured to the same requirements there is a big difference in the Kw/h produced.

Preferably bagged pellets are better kept in a dry store, but we can deliver them and cover and wrap with a shroud (no quality guarantee will be given if stored outside).

As long as they are kept in dry conditions, as long as you need. Exposing pellets to moisture will lead to them expanding and becoming a poor quality fuel. Specially designed wood pellet stores can be purchased which will keep pellets in pristine condition for the longest possible time. It is recommended that wood pellet stores are emptied and cleaned annually in order to stop the build up of excessive amounts of dust.

We are. Depending on the manufacturer of the pellets delivered will depend on the correct number being applied. It will always be shown on your invoice but if you have any questions please call.

We aim to have your order with you within 7 days.

We can blow the pellets up to 25 metres, however the less distance the better. The further that the vehicle has to blow the more pressure that has to be exerted on the pellets.

wood pellets scotland
wood pellets scotland